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Info Sheet

 Mastercoat® By PM Industries: Stop Rust Permanently & Get Rid Of the Pits!


At HSC, we have been in the business of Motorcycle Restoration for over 35 years, and we have all been personally involved in Motorcycle and Automobile Restoration for a lot longer than that, so we have long been in need of, and searched for the ultimate in metal preparation, rust removal and preventative paint systems, but been frustrated by the less than adequate products available to us in NZ.

In 2009 we began using Masterseries products from USA, we used and loved these paint systems so much that we decided to bring the coatings to NZ customers so you too can experience these amazing rust preventative coatings.

We know you will love using them for the fantastic results they produce, as much as we do.

We wouldn't contemplate a restoration project without fully coating all metal parts with Mastercoat Permanent Rust Sealer with its aluminium particles which block off the oxygen supply to the metal.

We have even coated our shop roof with 2 coats of Mastercoat Permanent Rust Sealer and successfully sealed small rust holes and stopped them becoming any larger.


 Products Available:

Mastercoat® Permanent Rust Sealer:   $73      Superior rust protection & prevention for minimum surface preparation. Adds structural strength to sheet metal that is severely rusted and will fill in pinholes.  Sealer/Primer with Aluminium particles.            Stops Rust on  contact!                                

Masterseries AG111 Superior Top Coat: $76       The ultimate in high performance,  UV stable finishing paint , 2 part Moisture Cure Urethane (MCU) paint system        Available in Gloss & Satin Black                            

Mastercoat® AG2000 Super Finish:      $79    The best clear top coat, formulated for durability & performance.                      2 part MCU paint system                 Clear, Gloss or Satin Black                       

Mastercoat® Chassis Coating:      $73   A urethane coating with extreme chip  resistance & very high gloss, also with rust prevention ability - For Chassis, Firewalls, Frames etc                                           

Mastercoat® EXTREME:   $78       Higher build Mastercoat® Extreme Silver Rust Sealer Seals rust and old paints & levels & fills in the deepest pits. It’s toothier for even better topcoat  adhesion                                                 

Masterseries MCT 101 Thinners:       $25          For thinning and clean up