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Mastercoat® AG2000 Super Finish

If you have been disappointed with the performance of your standard auto clear coats then you will love Mastercoat® AG2000 Super Finish. For instance, have you ever dragged a hose over your boot or bonnet to find  you have scratched the paint? We can now offer you this aircraft grade clear which is formulated for great weather ability, performance, and durability at a low cost. This coating is used as an anti-graffiti paint. In other words, if you were to get overspray on AG2000, you can remove the overspray with medium grade reducer without harming the clear coat. It works well over many base coats (spot testing is always recommended). It is also recommended as a fleet finish for commercial vehicles, trailers, and any type of equipment exposed to hostile environments. The high solid content provides excellent coverage and hide, giving you great value. AG2000, when reduced, sprays nicely, and sands and buffs easily to a high gloss finish. Available in Satin Black, Gloss Black & Clear.

- Ideal fleet coating for trucks, trailers, and heavy duty equipment

- High solid content / more value for your money

- Sprays out beautifully

- 4:1:1 mix ratio with a 1.6 range tip

- Fast drying – less than 30 minutes, depending on reducer

- Can be sanded and buffed easily

- Excellent chemical, acid, and chip resistance

- Can be used as an anti-graffiti coating


- Available in gloss black, hot rod satin black, and clear


1 US Quart (is approximately 1 litre)  $ 81